Bobsp3: Fuel for Vengeance


Author: Bob Averill
Release Date: January 22 2002
Story: “Good riddance to bad bullsh*t” you mutter as your freshly commandeered tram speeds towards the 2nd island in the small tropical chain. Your shirt is torn and grimy, your boots caked in blood, and you haven slept for 48 hours, but one thought presses you on:  When you read of the radio disturbance, you knew full well what it was: The typical magnetic interference caused by Reptoid propulsion signatures. But powerful enough to block out inter-island communication? A signal that big could only have one origin. A Reptoid Mothership. You had suspected as much all along, the Reptoids had stolen the nuclear core and were retrofitting it to power their ship. They didn’t dare use such a shoddy patch-job of a ship to
mount a second attack, they were likely trying to escape.But you know you cannot let them go: They attacked Earth, and they would attack other planets. And Not every planet has a Duke Nukem to protect it. The encampment of aliens fixing their ship are the last living Reptoids: You know that you have to
wipe them out. All that must be done is to eject the core: exposure would render it useless within seconds. After that, simply take them all our, and assassinate their leader. They may only want to escape, but you cannot let them: You MUST wipe them out. Not for yourself, not for Earth, but for every free planet in the galaxy. You have to kill them all. It’s Genocide time, baby.

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No
Cooperative 2-8 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : No
Plutonium Pak Required : No
New Art : No
New Music : Yes
New Sound Effects : No
New .CON Files : No
Demos Replaced : No







Texturing / Shading






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