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QMC_PuritanAuthor: Frode ‘Puritan’ Waksvik Release Date: February 15 2005 Story: A city styled map submitted for a map contest. Contest starter Quakis. The rest is built freely. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Not implemented Plutonium Pak Required : Yes... Read More »

Operation Get Bike Back

Operation Get Bike BackAuthor: Maarten & Merlijn v. Oostrum, William Gee Release Date: June 20 2003 Story: A city map. Explosions, fireballs, collapsing buildings, and destruction from start to finish, this level is an excellent example of a city under siege.As a city map it contains the usual locations like an extended street area, alley ways, clubs, corner... Read More »


O’BoyAuthor: Mikko Sandt Release Date: January 23 2003 Story: This is a typical city level. It’s as big as original Duke city levels. I could have made it bigger & more detailed (I used about half of the available sectors) but I have better things to do. This level has no new innovations. * Play Information... Read More »

New York Plaza

New York PlazaAuthor: Michael & Robert Caraballo Release Date: January 23 1998 Story: A city theme that is realistic and absorbing. Shading has been used extensively to great effect! * Play Information * Single Player: Yes Cooperative Play: Yes Death match: Yes Plutonium Pak Required : No Difficulty Settings: No New Sounds: No New Music: No New Art:... Read More »

Needle Time (aka St Duke Hospital)

Needle Time (aka St Duke Hospital)Author: Alias Conrad Coldwood Release Date: July 30th 2005 Story: It’s a simple Hospital-themed map. I tried to makeIt’s a simple Hospital-themed map. I tried to make  it detailed even if you’re mainly running to halls  from stairs to lifts to halls and so on. This map  is kinda large so you may lose yourself (don’t  worry,... Read More »

Nasty Flavour

Nasty FlavourAuthor: Tommi Heikkinen aka Steambull Release Date: November 16 2006 Story: A space base map that has both EDF based and alien-esque qualities.The styles are so intermixed it’s difficult to tell who is taking over whose facility. Even though it’s made up solely of rooms and corridors there is some creativity with the floor plan. Using good... Read More »

Mortal Shock

Mortal ShockAuthor: Eye del Cul Release Date: December 19 2005 Story: The aliens have overrun the EDF recreational space station and it’s up to Duke to steal back their karaoke machine and make good his escape.To do this he must make his way to one end of the map, find the keys, then make his way... Read More »

Military Madness

Military MadnessAuthor: Alejandro Glavic Release Date: February 26 2002 Story: M&Y Corporation is an enterprise that illegally sells weapons and military equipment to other countries. They earn a very high amount of money with this business and they don’t think that a possible war is coming… Monday, 7:32 am, Duke was sleeping when he receives a call... Read More »

Men In Black

Men In BlackAuthor: Luciano Gallo (Gambini) Release Date: June 3 2002 Story:  The map originally began as a location in the Bronx, but after adding details and places from the movie Men In Black the theme had changed. * Play Information * Single Player: Yes Duke Match: Yes Cooperative Play: No Difficulty Settings: (Meant to be played on... Read More »

Meatball Sub Makin

Meatball Sub MakinAuthor: Aymeric ‘MRCK’ Nocus Release Date: March 09 2010 Story: 3DR-styled city map that will be the 6th map in a little episode I’m working on with the help of a few other mappers. The 5 other maps are 100% done already, and this one sort of breaks the restrictions we had put on ourselves for... Read More »