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The Huxtler Inn

The Huxtler InnAuthor: Ricky Pierrot Release Date: May 14 1998 Story: Step back in time, to an age when rape, torture, executions in public, and slavery were the order of the day. When a woman’s entire fate could be sold to the highest bidder. In those day’s the so-called Witchcraft was an excuse for sadistic men to... Read More »

Skyscraper Assault

Skyscraper AssaultAuthor: Juha Laaksonen (Turpuli) Release Date: April 4 2000 Story: An office building styled map. Generally it consists of plain large stairwells and corridors with oversized doors, but there are a couple well detailed rooms that give the level some semblance of ambiance. The objective is to search the three floors of the building to... Read More »

Russian Observatory Snow Base

Russian Observatory Snow BaseAuthor: Jason Bredhauer Release Date: June 8 2000 Story: A snow bound airbase. The level consists mostly of indoor military styled bases and quonset huts, and outdoor drift covered ice fields and outpost styled camps. The author said the map was buggy and he wasn’t lying. It’s hard to stay on track because of many... Read More »

Russian Missile Base

Russian Missile BaseAuthor: Jason Bredhauer Release Date: June 18 1999 Story: A missile base facility map made for and abandoned James Bond styled TC. Most of the level takes place in outdoor storage lots with a few indoor garages and corridors given to complete the military base look. Design is can be spotty in some locations. Sector... Read More »

Rescate en Kazakhstan

Rescate en KazakhstanAuthor: Alejandro Arroyo Release Date: January 8 2008 Story: 8 scientists from the European Union have been kidnapped by Aliens in their attempt to find a viable substitute for oil. Javier Solana has personally come forward to ask Duke to infiltrated the Kazakhstani base in an effort to assist in freeing all 8 of the... Read More »


HYPER-BOWL-EEEEEEE!Author: Chris Allcock Release Date: July 20 1998 Story: The ‘Hyper-Bowl’ bowling alley has been taken over by aliens! Get in there, kill as many as possible and escape. But beware, L.A.R.D are on their way! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty... Read More »