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XXXAuthor: Peter Kucera Release Date: August 31 1999 Story: An adult themed club and brothel. Nothing really stands out in the level as all the areas are pretty typical as to what one would find in this kind of map. Overall the lighting and shading are good, but it has just basic architecture and minimal... Read More »

Voyeur Hotel

Voyeur HotelAuthor: Blackjack Release Date: October 12 1999 Story: This follows on straight after Duke blows away the Cyberlord at the end of “Shrapnel City” – but before he goes for some R&R. Killing off the Cyberlord was only the first step in saving LA from the aliens. The main attack wave contained many thousands of... Read More »


VoltageAuthor:McGarnicle Release Date: Sept 15 1996 Story: You return from pounding those alien bastards to an especially warm welcome at Tiberious Station. TS is known for its parties and you can’t resist a drunken sorority girl. Guinness never tasted so good and you never passed out so deeply. You wake to find the station has... Read More »

Jade Base

Jade BaseAuthor: Devastator Release Date: March 23 2003 Story: A human habitation module on an alien planet that’s been overrun by the natives. The map consists of moon base styled elements such as control rooms, storage rooms, a short two-way train, a biosphere, security check points, reactor core rooms, and so on. All this has been... Read More »

Transport 2

Transport 2Author: Devastator Release Date: May 13 2003 Story:¬† On a distant planet those stupid EDF personnel built their terraforming base on top of an alien hive, again. The construction is very well done. The destroyed EDF base has blown up objects, collapsing walls, fire, blood, and other signs of chaos. The alien sections are full... Read More »

MP Research Facility

MP Research FacilityAuthor: Maarten Pinxten Release Date: August 31 1999 Story: A research facility has found an alien base on another planet. The aliens however fought back. They shot Duke out of they air in combat & now he’s really pissed off! The level is a mix of EDF high tech base, alien high tech base, rock... Read More »

The Restless Resort

The Restless ResortAuthor: Maarten Pinxten Release Date: May 18 2000 Story: Scientists have found a way to transport matter from one place to another at the speed of light. EDF (Earth Defence Forces, a defence organisation which deals with alien threats) uses these portals to quickly access remote areas, after a portal has been installed there.On Aida,... Read More »

The Railway Station

The Railway StationAuthor: Maarten Pinxten Release Date: February 5 2000 Story: Alien-attack blah blah… just kick ass in this railway station. Loosely based on Rotterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Central Station (both in the Netherlands). * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Not... Read More »

The Haunting

The HauntingAuthor:¬†Alex Harris (Master AL) Release Date: August 17 1997 Story: Driving on an isolated mountain road, duke finds himself under Alien attack, and is forced to seek refuge in an apparently Haunted House. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : No... Read More »


TeseraxAuthor: Mark Miracle Jr. Release Date: July 28, 1997 Story: Teserax is a castle that is surrounded by a bubble universe floating on the Ethereal plane of existence. A rip in the fabric of reality allows technology to explore this place and the best man for the job is of course, Duke Nukem. Untold riches... Read More »