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Alien Sanctuary

Alien SanctuaryAuthor:  Cedric Lutes ( Zaxtor Znort) Release Date: October 31 2003 Story: An alien base on a distant planet. A pretty interesting design with some nice, and often odd, texture combinations. It’s well constructed and has a very good alien-esque ambiance. The level is broken up into three main sections and each section has it’s own... Read More »

Abattoir (Part 1 & 2)

Abattoir (Part 1 & 2)Author: Adrian Gilbert Release Date: October 25 1999 Story: Level 1: Duke breaks out of a mental ward and makes his way to (Level one) the rocket ship. Hundreds of hours spent on light and shading creates a very realistic map given the limitations of the build engine. Sectors over sectors, 4 and 5 story depths,... Read More »


AgonyAuthor: Stranger Release Date: February 18 2000 Story: Duke Match Level * Play Information * Single Player : No DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art: No New Sounds: No New Music: No New .CONs: No Demos Replaced:... Read More »

A Blaze

A BlazeAuthor: Frode ‘Puritan’ Waksvik Release Date: June 19 2004 Story: The base is over run by aliens and it’s Duke’s mission to take them out. A large base styled map with a good layout and a nice design. Areas range from indoor narrow to wide corridors, small to large rooms, and some outdoor open areas. Good... Read More »


911Author: Philip Release Date: September 1 1996 Story: After cleaning up at Area 51, Duke takes his newly acquired spaceship out for a joy ride. Duke then receives a distress call from the Earth Defense Space Station that they are under attack from aliens. Duke arrives at the space station only to find the aliens in control.... Read More »

1 Bitch

1 BitchAuthor: GregR Release Date: May 30 1997 Story: The aliens have established a mining operation on a distant planet. Although the planet is slowly falling apart, it’s up to Duke to infiltrate their base and stop any further plutonium ore from being extracted. A large map with a good design and layout. The areas of... Read More »