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Unaided Mission

Unaided MissionAuthor: Frode Waksvik (Puritan) Release Date: June 30 2004 Story: A continuation of Bruise Mining Company map.The aliens have taken over a space ship launching station and Duke must kill everything that moves because it heals the hurt inside that gallons of alcohol just don’t seem to numb. A huge map with a superb layout and design.... Read More »

Traffic Jam

Traffic JamAuthor: Olivier Boucher (Qcdn3d) Release Date: February 3 2000 Story:  A realistic city location using some nice textures from various games including Shadow Warrior & LameDuke. Not only has Olivier’s design improved, his sense of game play has become more solid. The balance between health, ammo, and enemies has been tightened providing a more tense but enjoyable experience.... Read More »

Toy Factory

Toy FactoryAuthor:Tim Coulson Release Date: January 15 1998 Story: After a hard night drinkin’ Duke wakes up in the basement of his office building. Problem is the elevator is out of service. Looks like he’ll be needing a jet pack. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player :... Read More »

The Wall

The WallAuthor: Zykov Eddy Release Date: June 27 2011 Story: This map is based on Pink Floyd’s album “The wall”. If you listened to it or have seen the movie, you know what to expect. The plot is slightly different from the album. The main hero is You. The map has three parts: “discovery”, “memories” and “awakening”. Part... Read More »

The Train

The TrainAuthor: Jelmar de Bruijn Release Date: July 7 1997 Story: It’s a city by day. At night it’s a nice place to go out, due to the realistic Disco, Bar and Duke-Burger but now it’s pretty abandoned because I made it for DUKEMATCH and I want see my opponent walking around and nighttime is not the best... Read More »

The Sub Shop

The Sub ShopAuthor: Tim Coulson Release Date: December 9 1998 Story: Duke’s ship has been shot down by the aliens once more and your job is the usual: Kill all the bad guys and escape. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium... Read More »

The Shamble

The ShambleAuthor: Danny Hyde Release Date: October 29 1996 Story: After some R&R you get word that some aliens have made it back to the moon, where they have built a floating space station and are breeding a new alien army to invade earth again. You must make your way back to the moon through a... Read More »

The Last Pissed Time

The Last Pissed TimeAuthor: Maxim Chinyakin (Lezing) Release Date: February 19 2009 Story: Duke is held hostage in a prison cell by those alien bastards. He must escape and shut down their power plant. A large map consisting of mostly indoor corridors and rooms with a minor outdoor area. A nice solid design and a decent layout. There are... Read More »

The Escape

The EscapeAuthor: Tommy Jansson Release Date: July 3 1996 Story: A rather dark and gloomy level set around a submarine base. The aliens have overrun a submarine base facility and it’s Duke’s job to clear them out. The design is beyond most of the maps dating back to 1996 with lots of attention to detail. Shading / lighting... Read More »

The Dream

The DreamAuthor: Zykov Eddy Release Date: February 6 2008 Story: This takes place in Duke’s dream (while he fall asleep after some sensitive dose of boose, or maybe after saving the world one more time). In his dream his shuttle was rammed by enemies helicopter. Duke managed to jump safely on the ground and found himself on... Read More »